Hello and welcome to my new website! ‘Sketches Of Light’ has been released! It has been a real joy to share the music with so many people.
For those looking for the sheet music for ‘Sketches Of Light’, it can be downloaded alongside the album in iTunes. I hope it will be made more fully available soon!


Described as ‘not jazz, not classical, not improvised, but maybe a glimpse of something new…” Campbell’s debut album for solo piano, Sketches Of Light, has launched him from his solitary composing into the spotlight.

The album was discovered by ClassicFM in the autumn of 2013 when it was voted album of the week on Classic FM’s popular show, Drive, quickly to be voted again as ClassicFM’s album of the weekend the following week.

In the spring of 2014 Campbell signed with Decca Records. His music has appeared across radio and TV, including the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon and the Commonwealth Games.


Born in Guernsey in 1988 to a family of artists, Campbell moved at the age of seven to the hills above Dunblane in Scotland. At twelve he started improvising on the piano, working original passages into the standard exam pieces set by his teacher. His own music was always a secret: “In sixth form I’d be doing my Bach harmonies,” he says, “but still writing privately behind the scenes. I never wanted to mix the two. I didn’t like the thought of my music being marked or measured in some way.” Three weeks away from the start of a music degree at Durham University, convinced that the rigours of classical training would destroy his own composing just when it was bursting into bud, he gave up his place – and, in a move unusual for one so young, took up two years’ residence at an eco-village on the North coast of Scotland, The Findhorn Foundation, where he found work as a chef.

When he wasn’t fixing vegetarian feasts for hundreds of people, Campbell was holed up in the community’s music room: overheard one night, he was persuaded to give a concert for residents and very quickly he was coming into his own. At just 18, Campbell already had several albums’ worth of unrecorded music up his sleeve. Only upon leaving The Findhorn Foundation for Wiltshire did he embark on the considerable job of writing it all down.


Sketches of Light was recorded in St Georges, Bristol, a Greek revivalist church known for its fantastic acoustics, and produced by the award-winning classical engineer and producer Philip Hobbs, whose collaborations include work with the early music ensembles The Tallis Scholars and The King’s Consort. With his interest in authentic performance, Hobbs was a perfect choice: his unadorned production preserves the personality of Campbell’s music and this intimate recording almost sounds like it was recorded in secret.

In Sketches of Light the delicate motifs of Chopin rub up against the clean modern impressionism of soundtrack composers such as Joe Hisaishi and Howard Blake. A concept album of sorts, the 12-song cycle functions like a movie of the mind, or a wordless animation – each arpeggio and tonal shift triggering a subtle change in mood. The gorgeous fin-de-siecle chords of the closing track Light In The North recall Debussy’s Preludes, a remarkably confident finale from a precocious talent drawing on a childhood of composition.



Sketches of Light

  1. First Light
  2. Light In The Morning
  3. Light Through The Day
  4. Light On The River
  5. Light On The Sea
  6. Light On The Clouds
  7. Light And The Breeze
  8. Light On The Fields
  9. Light In The Rain
  10. Light In The Storm
  11. Light Towards The End
  12. Light In The North


Recording Of ‘Portraits Of Earth’

March 19, 2015

My up-coming second album, Portraits Of Earth, has now been recorded! It was the most beautiful place to record; this was my view from the piano on the second evening!

IMG_0485 copy


Recording Of Second Album

February 10, 2015

I'm excited to post news of the up-coming recording of my second album, 'Portraits Of Earth'. The dates are set for mid-March 2015 at Crear, a remote and stunning venue on the south-west coast of Scotland. The picture says it all!




Chillout (by ClassicFM)

November 20, 2014

Thank you to ClassicFM for including Light On The Clouds from Sketches Of Light on their new release, Chillout. Now available from iTunes.




Wittersham Concert

Thank you to those who came to my concert in Wittersham, the last rendition of Sketches Of Light for 2014. The Bluthner grand was one of the most beautiful i've played on. Details of concerts for 2015 will be posted soon to my new Concerts page.



Wilderness Festival

September 15, 2014

Thanks to everyone who turned up for my performance of Sketches Of Light at this year's Wilderness Festival, despite the rain!




Sketches Of Light is now available!

July 9, 2014

Written over a period of seven years, Sketches Of Light is Alexander's debut album for solo piano. Described as 'not classical, not jazz, not improvised, but is maybe a glimpse of something new', the recordings were discovered and then championed by Classic Fm in the autumn of 2013.

The album has now been re-released in the UK by Decca Records, complete with two further compositions, and is available from Amazon,  iTunes and Google Play!



Follow Alexander on Spotify!

July 2, 2014

Sketches Of Light is now available for streaming on Spotify! You can also find a playlist of some of Alexander's favourite music; music spanning various centuries and genres. Listen to the playlist here: Ten Favourites Click here to follow Alexander on Spotify.